AUTUMN 1936. Golden Cockerel Press Catalogue LIX.


. The Golden Cockerel Press. The Golden Cockerel begs to announce his discovery of some charming new material for Autumn Publication. Pp. [4]; cover; cr. 4to; orange card, featuring on the front an illustration by Corsellis, specially drawn for this publication (showing a reclining nude outside Staple Inn, surrounded by a group of onlookers including a cockerel and several hens); four engravings by Ravilious from Twelfth Night in the margins of pages [2] and [3], the text on these pages comprising an essay on the press by Humbert Wolfe. Contains six [of seven] loose inserts: i. Prospectus for Love Night; ii. The Green Ship; iii. Chanticleer; iv.The Epicure's Anthology; v. The Tale of the Golden Cockerel, by Pushkin; vi. Subscription form for The Log of the Bounty and other titles (lacks the loosely inserted prospectus for The Log of the Bounty); The Golden Cockerel Press, London, 1936. Cock-a-Hoop LIX. Item #158497

Price: $30.00