A Bookseller's Archive: For almost six decades Kay has collected articles relating to the world of  books, and in particular to the book trade in Australia and internationally. Many of these have been taken from press articles at the time of issue, but relevant clippings have been found between the leaves of books she has purchased. The archive also includes memorabilia from book trade events. It is understandably heavily focussed on the careers of Kay and Muriel Craddock; it is also a unique ephemeral record of bookselling from the middle of the twentieth into the early decades of the twenty-first centuries.

Drawing partly on this archive, together with other experiences during her years as a bookseller, Kay has started to compile a series of recollections and comments in the form of today’s 'blogs' which, together with items from the archive , will irregularly be appended to her weekly electronic shortlists, under the heading 'Marginal Notes'.


Marginal Notes 3: Provenance

Tuesday July 11, 2023

As a collector, it is natural to want to record one’s name in a book or, when giving a book as a gift, to inscribe it with a loving message. However, it is acknowledged by both booksellers and collectors alike that copies of books with ownership inscriptions are usually undesirable